The veteran American actor, Neal McDonough‘s father, Frank McDonough is popular for his son’s showbiz career and fame. Apart from his son’s fame, the man remained a well-settled businessman. Today he is not among us. What happened to the celebrity father? Let’s explore some facts about Frank below:

Frank McDonough Was an Immigrant From Ireland

Frank McDonough, the father of actor, Neal McDonough, was an Irish immigrant who moved from County Galway to the United States. He and his then-wife, Catherine (Bushe) McDonough, settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts, where they raised their son, Neal. Frank took pride in providing for his family and owned a motel in Dorchester, working tirelessly to ensure their well-being.

Frank McDonough served in the army during his young age
Frank McDonough served in the army during his young age

The celebrity father was born on 27 September 1924 in Ireland. However, there is not much detail on his educational background. Also, the data on his mother, father, and siblings is yet to be out. It seems like the man spent his early days in hardships.

Frank McDonough Personal Life: Wife and Children

McDonough married Catherine and welcomed 2 sons, named Neal McDonogh and Gerald McDonough. Sadly, his relationship with Catherine couldn’t last for a long time as she died. After separation from his first wife, Catherine he tied the knot with Margaret Grace McDonough.

Frank McDonough's son, Neal McDonough, and daughter in law, Ruve McDonough
Frank McDonough’s son, Neal McDonough, and daughter in law, Ruve McDonough are in strong marital bond for 20 years
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Likewise, the late businessman was the father of other children named John, Ellen, Kieran, and Robert. A man of deep faith, Frank was a devoted Catholic who imparted his beliefs to his son. Neal fondly remembers his father as a remarkable influence, describing him as incredibly gentle, kind, and loving. Frank possessed a talent for storytelling, often recounting tales from his own childhood in Ireland.

Frank McDonough’s Net Worth

Though the exact details of Frank’s net worth and earnings are missing, he earned a huge sum from his career as a businessman. He was a motel owner who remained active in the business field for a long time. No doubt, the man lived a quality life with his family during the last phase of his life. He may have had millions of dollars in net worth at the time of his death. Another celebrity family member who lives a luxurious life is Shawnette Hardy.

Talking about his son’s riches, actor Neal McDonough has a net worth of around $7 Million. He made a major part of his fortune from his career as an actor and producer. Currently, the artist resides in Los Angeles with his family where the median home cost is $1.1 Million.

Inside Frank McDonough’s Career

Mr. McDonough, in addition to being Neal McDonough’s father, served as a distinguished U.S. Army veteran. His contributions extended beyond his military service, as he earned the title of Boston Realtor of the Year in 1962. With an entrepreneurial spirit, the man acquired several properties in Dorchester and Hyannis, including the notable Rainbow Motel situated along Rte. 132 in Hyannis.

Frank McDonough is no more
Frank McDonough is no more

The celebrity father’s influence reached far beyond his real estate ventures. He assumed the role of Chairman of the Boston Board of Appeal, where he played a crucial role in decision-making processes. Furthermore, his impact on the community was evident through his involvement in establishing the Meeting House Hill Association and the Dorchester House, both of which served to enhance the local neighborhood and provide valuable resources to its residents. Mr. McDonough’s multifaceted contributions left an indelible mark on both the business and community realms.

Frank McDonough Death (Obuitary)

Frank McDonough reportedly passed away at the age of 91 on 2 December 2015. He left behind a lasting legacy as a caring and dedicated father, committed to the welfare of his family. His spirit lives on through his son, Neal, who has flourished as an accomplished actor and producer, gaining recognition for his notable performances in projects such as Band of Brothers, The Guardian, Sonic the Hedgehog, Walking Tall (2004), and the Arrow/The Flash series.

The businessman was buried in Mosswood Cemetery in Cotuit. As per the reports, his son, Neal hasn’t visited his place since Frank’s death. Being close to his father, the actor may feel bad about visiting his deceased father’s place. Check out another celebrity father, William Cummings.

Frank McDonough Movies and TV Shows

The late American motel owner, Frank was not part of any movies or tv shows.

Neal McDonough during the shoot of his project
Neal McDonough during the shoot of his project

His son, Neal McDonough is widely known for his outstanding performances in various movies and television shows. Here is a list of some of his notable credits:


  1. Band of Brothers (2001) – Lieutenant Lynn ‘Buck’ Compton
  2. Minority Report (2002) – Fletcher
  3. Walking Tall (2004) – Jay Hamilton
  4. Flags of Our Fathers (2006) – Captain Dave Severance
  5. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) – Bison
  6. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) – Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan
  7. Red 2 (2013) – Jack Horton
  8. Proud Mary (2018) – Walter
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) – Major Bennington
  10. The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019) – Maxwell “Max” Smart


  1. Desperate Housewives (2004-2012) – Dave Williams
  2. Justified (2010-2015) – Robert Quarles
  3. Arrow (2012-2020) – Damien Darhk
  4. Suits (2012-2019) – Sean Cahill
  5. The Flash (2014-present) – Damien Darhk
  6. Yellowstone (2018-present) – Malcolm Beck
  7. Project Blue Book (2019-2020) – General James Harding
  8. Altered Carbon (2020) – Konrad Harlan
  9. Van Helsing (2016-2021) – Jack
  10. Mayor of Kingstown (2021-present) – Mike McLusky