Introducing the charming StarKid – Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar! This adorable young celebrity, born in California on September 1, 2016, has captured hearts far and wide with her irresistible charisma and illustrious family background. As the daughter of the talented actress Lacey Chabert and accomplished businessman David Nehdar, Julia’s every move has become a topic of fascination.

With a captivating blend of American heritage and a loving family, this 6-year-old darling has already made a name for herself, thanks to her mother’s fame and the buzz she generates on social media. Get ready for an enchanting journey, as this little StarKid is set to shine brightly and leave everyone spellbound with her adorable charm!

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar Wiki/Bio: Family and Birth Details

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar, a delightful 6-year-old girl, was born on September 1, 2016, in California, and she has touched the hearts of many with her charm. She is the beloved daughter of actress Lacey Chabert and businessman David Nehdar, and her heritage is a fascinating mix of American ethnicities. While her mother’s ancestry includes French, English, and Italian roots, her father, David’s descent is from Germany and Ireland.

Toddler Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar with her mother, Lacey Chabert
Toddler Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar with her mother, Lacey Chabert

At her tender age, the little girl’s primary focus revolves around her education, likely attending a local private school in California, where she is nurtured and cherished as an only child by her loving parents. Her maternal grandparents are Tony Chabert and Julie Chabert. Check out another celebrity daughter, Makani Ravello Harrelson.

Parents Have Successful Careers

Julia’s mom, Lacey Chabert, is a renowned actress celebrated for her captivating performances in various roles, most notably in the iconic American television drama “Party of Five.” She is a veteran actress having 173 acting credits under her belt. Besides acting, the 40 years old media personality is also a producer and writer.

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar's mother, Lacey Chabert is a millionaire actress cum producer
Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar’s mother, Lacey Chabert is a millionaire actress cum producer
SOURCE: Instagram

On the other hand, her father, David Nehdar, has carved a distinguished name for himself in the world of business as a respected American veteran businessman.

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Despite her young age, Julia has already gained recognition, thanks to her mother’s fame and the attention she receives through Lacey Chabert’s active presence on social media. As she embarks on her journey of growth and development, the celebrity daughter is currently in the nurturing phase of her life, receiving unconditional love and care from her devoted parents.

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar and her mother, Lacey Chabert while celebrating ester
Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar and her mother, Lacey Chabert while celebrating Ester

Her radiant smile, alluring grey eyes, and beautiful dark brown hair add to her innocent and inquisitive nature, captivating the hearts of those around her with warmth and joy. Her mother’s Instagram account is flooded with lovely pictures of little Julia.

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Born in a Wealthy Family

The American nationality holder, Julia is living a lavish lifestyle with the multi-million properties of her parents. Her mom, Lacey Chabert, has achieved significant success in her career, amassing an estimated net worth of around $7 Million. Reportedly, the actress earns around $0.5 Million in a year.

Likewise, her father, David is a successful businessman with a net worth of around $5 Million in 2023. Though it is unknown what business the celebrity husband is involved in, he seems to make millions of dollars as his annual income.

Take a Look at Her Parent’s Romantic Journey

Julia’s mom, Lacey Chabert, a beloved actress known for her roles in Hallmark movies, has made a significant impact with her participation in many films and tv shows. While she is famous for portraying unlucky-in-love characters on-screen, the actress is happily married to her husband, David Nehdar, in real life. Their love story started in the early 2010s and the pair exchanged vows in 2013.

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar's parents married in 2013
Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar’s parents married in 2013

Despite being married for nearly a decade, Julia’s parents prefer to keep their relationship and family life low-key. While David Nehdar’s profession remains somewhat undisclosed, he is often described as a businessman and entrepreneur. They both share parenting responsibilities and cherish their daughter Julia, who brings immeasurable joy and perspective to Lacey’s life.

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar These Days

Currently, at her tender age, Julia’s focus centers on her education and cherishing the love and support of her family. Her unique personality continues to blossom, and both her parents and fans eagerly anticipate the exciting journey ahead for this young celebrity.

Although Starkid is not currently active on social media platforms, she remains a cherished figure in the hearts of her parents and admirers alike. Her endearing presence is certain to continue capturing the attention and adoration of many as she grows into a remarkable young woman, leaving an indelible mark on the world around her.

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