Felicity Ruth Rytky, the 16-year-old daughter of an American actress, Andrea Barber, and Jeremy Rytky, may not have stepped into the spotlight just yet, but with her family’s involvement in the entertainment industry, her future may hold exciting prospects.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Felicity Ruth Rytky’s life, family, potential career, and more. So stay with us!

When is Felicity Ruth Rytky’s Birthday? Her Age

Born in 2007 to her popular parents, Andrea Barber and Jeremy Rytky, Felicity Ruth Rytky is growing up with a unique upbringing surrounded by fame.

Young Felicity Ruth Rytky with her parents and brother
Young Felicity Ruth Rytky with her parents and brother

Further, the Starkid celebrates her birthday on 10 April and is an American by nationality. Further, the teenage girl belongs to the white ethnicity. Joshua James is also a celebrity son, check out!

Who Are Her Parents? Her Family?

Felicity’s mother, Andrea Barber, is renowned for her portrayal of Kimmy Gibbler in “Full House” and its sequel series, “Fuller House.” Meanwhile, her father, Jeremy Rytky, is a writer and producer involved in various television projects.

On her mother’s side, Felicity’s grandparents are Sherry Barber and Donald Barber. While information about her paternal grandparents is not available, she does have two uncles on her mother’s side named Justin Barber and Darin Barber.

Felicity Ruth Rytky's mother, Andrea Barber is a popular actress
Felicity Ruth Rytky’s mother, Andrea Barber is a popular actress

Likewise, the celebrity daughter, Felicity Ruth Rytky also has an elder brother, Tate James Rytky, who is three years her senior. The bond between Felicity, her mother Andrea, and her older brother is strong, and they frequently enjoy quality time together.

How Rich is Andrea Barber’s Daughter, Felicity Ruth Rytky? Her Net Worth and Career

As a young teenager, Felicity Ruth Rytky has not embarked on a career of her own. However, given her family’s ties to the entertainment industry, it wouldn’t be surprising if she eventually followed in their footsteps. Her current net worth remains undisclosed, however lives a comfortable life as a celebrity child.

Felicity Ruth Rytky with her mom and brother
Felicity Ruth Rytky with her mom and brother

Notably, Felicity Ruth Rytky has made appearances in “Fuller House” alongside her mother. In the series, she portrays the character Sarah, who impressively crafts a windmill from her old Barbie dolls for a school project. While her future career path is uncertain, fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing more of Andrea Barber’s talented daughter on screen.

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Her Parents Are Millionaires

Felicity’s mother, Andrea Barber is a popular American TV actress and has a net worth of around $2 Million now as per celebritynetworth. She made such a huge sum from her acting and writing career. Besides the veteran actress also makes a decent sum from her appearances in various shows, events, and from her advertisements deals. We can see her fantastic work in movies and TV shows like Full House, Fuller House, Hollywood Darlings, The Skateboard Kid 2, Days of Our Lives, and more.

Felicity Ruth Rytky's family in a frame
Felicity Ruth Rytky’s family in a frame

On the other hand, the teenage girl’s dad, Jeremy Rytky is an American attorney. Apart from his career as a lawyer, he worked as a marine soldier in his early days. It seems like, Jeremy holds a net worth of around $1 Million now. The average salary of a lawyer is around $80 thousand per year.

Inside Felicity Ruth Rytky’s Personal Life and Relationship

Felicity Ruth Rytky is quite young to start a dating relationship now. She shares a close bond with her mother, Andrea Barber. They frequently engage in enjoyable activities together, as showcased on Andrea’s YouTube channel. These videos offer a glimpse into their strong and affectionate mother-daughter relationship.

Following her parents’ separation, Felicity, along with her older brother Tate James Rytky, resides with her mother, Andrea Barber. Their family dynamic is characterized by love and support, creating a resilient and unbreakable bond among the trio.

Felicity Ruth Rytky is close to her mother and sibling
Felicity Ruth Rytky is close to her mother and sibling

Coming to her patient’s relationship, Fuller House fame, Andrea Barber and Jeremy married in 2002 after being in a dating relationship for around 2 years. They gave birth to two children, Felicity and Tate. Sadly, the pair ended their relationship in divorce in 2014.

What is Felicity Ruth Rytky Doing These Days? Is she available on Social Media?

Andrea Barber’s daughter, Felicity Ruth Rytky is currently busy with her studies. She appears a high school student and her sibling, Tate might be planning for her university education now. Further, the celebrity daughter may be a young teenager with a promising future in the entertainment industry.

Ruth Rytky doesn’t have her own social media accounts but frequently appears on her mother’s Instagram account. Also, the girl appears sweet, fun-loving, and friendly. With her mother and elder brother, she appears in various events and shows however never been a part of any controversies.

Beautiful Felicity Ruth Rytky with her mother, Andrea Barber posing for the camera
Beautiful Felicity Ruth Rytky with her mother, Andrea Barber posing for the camera

In addition, the celebrity daughter’s strong family ties, particularly with her mother Andrea Barber, provide a foundation of love and support that will likely guide her towards success in her future endeavors. With her unique name symbolizing luck, good fortune, and companionship, Felicity Ruth Rytky carries a name that may very well become synonymous with her own future achievements.

Felicity Ruth Rytky Looks

The American Starkid, Felicity has lovely blue eyes and blonde hair which adds more beauty to her looks. She has a healthy body with a decent height of about 5 feet 2 inches now.

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