Anni Vuohensilta is a popular Finnish YouTuber and entrepreneur.

She along with her ex-husband, Lauri Vuohensilta runs a Hydraulic Press Channel with millions of subscribers.

What Is Anni Vuohensilta Age?

The YouTuber was born on 16th May 1991 in Finland which makes her age 33 now. Her birth name is Anni Arvaja.

She is believed to be a Caucasian ethnic holder who spent her young days with her family in her birthplace.

AnniVuohensilta Is A Popular YouTuber
AnniVuohensilta Is A Popular YouTuber
SOURCE: Instagram

As per her LinkedIn profile, she joined the University of Tampere in 2011 graduating in 2015.

Anni Vuohensilta Married or Single?

Anni is leading a single life now as there is no hint of her romantic life these days. She has yet to disclose her dating life and relationship status.

Talking about her previous relationship, the Finland-born married a fellow YouTuber, Lauri Vuohensilta. After dating each other for some time they married on 24 August 2012.

Anni Vuohemsilta and Lauri Vuohensilta During Thier Marriage
Anni Vuohemsilta and Lauri Vuohensilta During Thier Marriage
SOURCE: Instagram

They had a blissful married life though couldn’t make it a lifelong promise.

In December 2022, the YouTubers were amicably separated. There is no exact reason behind their separation, however, the differences in their life goals made them make this decision as per the sources.

Despite the pair being no longer a married pair, they still collaborate on their YouTube channel sharing a good bond. Also, there is no data on their children.

Professional Life Before Being a YouTuber

Anni worked in a sales department called IKEA, before starting her career as a YouTuber.

Later, she achieved a good height in social media and is an established YouTuber and entrepreneur. Just like her Jenicka Lopez is also a YouTuber.

She seems to hold above $1.5 Million as her net worth. Her channel Hydraulic Press has more than 9 million followers.

Her channel is the first and original Hydraulic Press Channel which shows the stuff getting crushed by a hydraulic press.

Also, you can find her on her Instagram account @rahkamuija, where she regularly gives an update on her personal life.

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