Michaiah Hanks is a Starkid who rose to fame right from her birth. Born into a renowned family, she is the child of the accomplished actor and musician Chester Marlon Hanks and Tiffany Miles, a journalist with an impressive career. As the granddaughter of the iconic stars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Michaiah carries the legacy of a Hollywood dynasty, accompanied by a diverse heritage that reflects her Greek, Bulgarian, English, Portuguese, and African-American roots.

At a tender age, the celebrity daughter, Michaiah shines as a beacon of joy, resilience, and promise, promising to leave an indelible mark on the globe, guided by the love and support of her esteemed parents and doting grandparents. Let’s find out more about her below:

Michaiah Hanks Wiki/Bio: Age and Birth Details

Michaiah Hanks, born in April 2016, is the only daughter of actor cum musician Chester Marlon Hanks and Tiffany Miles. She celebrates 15th April as her birthday every year. Her family lineage includes her legendary grandfather, Tom Hanks, and grandmother, Rita Wilson, serving as her grandparents. Additionally, she is the niece of Truman Theodore Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks, stepsiblings of Chet Hanks.

Michaiah Hanks with her father, Chet Hanks
Michaiah Hanks with her father, Chet Hanks

At the age of 7, the Starkid has a diverse heritage with Greek, Bulgarian, English, and Portuguese roots from her paternal side, while her mother’s side contributes to African-American ancestry. She is an American nationality holder who was born and raised in the United States of America. See another celebrity daughter, Zion Quari Barrino.

Michaiah Hanks Mother

Michaiah’s mother, Tiffany Miles is reportedly a journalist who previously worked as a tv host on BET’s Black Entertainment Television network. Coming from an educated background, she pursued her studies at California State University in Northridge. Although Tiffany and Chet are no longer romantically involved, they maintain an amicable relationship as co-parents for Michaiah.

Toddler, Michaiah Hanks with her mother, Tiffany Miles
Toddler Michaiah Hanks with her mother, Tiffany Miles

As per the reports, the girl’s parents were never involved in a long-term relationship. Neither the pair was married nor engaged. They were simply involved romantically for some time and gave birth to a daughter named Michaiah in 2016. Currently, Chet Hanks seems to lead a single life. Likewise, the updates on her mother’s love life are under the curtain. Though the former couple is already separated, they are co-parenting their daughter.

Is Michaiah Hanks a Millionaire? Inside Her Net Worth

The celebrity daughter, Michaiah is too young to earn now. She is not a part of any movies or tv projects. However, the girl lives a high-profile life with her family. Belonging to a prominent celebrity family, little Hanks enjoys the privileges that accompany her lineage. Her father, Chet Hanks is an actor cum musician having a net worth of around $3 Million.

Michaiah Hanks' grandparents, Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson possesses hundreds of millions in net worth
Michaiah Hanks’ grandparents, Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson possesses hundreds of millions in net worth
SOURCE: Instagram

Her grandpa, Tom Hanks, has achieved immense success through his roles in blockbuster films and TV series, collecting over $4.9 billion in North American box office earnings and a global total of more than $9.96 billion. As of 2023, legend Tom Hanks has a net worth of around $410 million. Likewise, Michaiah’s grandma, Rita Wilson is a popular actress, singer, and producer who own a net worth of around $110 Million.

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Michaiah Hanks Now

Tom Hanks’s grandchild, Michaiah is currently pursuing her primary education. She might be enrolled in one of the most reputed schools in Los Angeles. Though the girl has a rare public appearance, we can see her charming looks with dark black curly hair and brown eyes in the photos available on the internet.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, the girl and her mom frequently visit her grandparents. However, their family faced a challenging time when Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2020.

With the love and care of her parents and grandparents, Michaiah leads a joyful and healthy life. Surrounded by affection, she embraces a future full of promise, benefiting from the privileges bestowed upon her.

Do You Know? (Controversies and Legal issues)

Chet Hanks, Michaiah’s father, has undergone a transformative journey with the support of his daughter. She played a significant role in his path to sobriety, prompting him to make substantial changes in his life. In an interview, Chet Hanks expressed, “If she was never born, I can’t say that I would have had the motivation to make that drastic change in my life.”

Michaiah Hanks' dad, Chet Hanks has been a controversial Starkid

Michaiah Hanks’ dad, Chet Hanks has been a controversial Starkid
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32-year-old actor, Chet was once involved in substance abuse. Hanks, known as the “black sheep” of his family, has struggled with public controversies that contrast with his father’s clean-cut image as “America’s dad“. Back in 2015, actor, Chet faced legal trouble in the UK for causing $1800 worth of damages to a hotel room and sought treatment for cocaine addiction.

Not only this, a temporary protective order was granted against him by a Texas judge, following allegations of verbal and physical abuse made by his former girlfriend, Kiana Parker in January 2021. Hanks responded by filing a lawsuit against Parker for theft, conversion, assault, and battery. Footage of their altercation, showing Hanks’s bleeding, was released by TMZ.

Hanks also gained attention in 2021 for his “White Boy Summer” video, which generated mixed reactions. The merchandise associated with it faced criticism for using a font similar to that favored by white nationalist groups. Furthermore, the man received backlash for making a joke about COVID-19 vaccines, denying being vaccinated despite his parents having contracted the virus and publicly advocating vaccination.

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