You guys must be familiar with famous actress and dancer, Maddie Ziegler and actress cum singer, Mackenzie Ziegler. Well, we will not discuss these famous ladies in the below segment. Today’s discussion will be about Mathew Gisoni who is better recognized as the stepbrother of the Ziegler sisters.

Mathew Gisoni is the elder stepbrother of Maddie and Mackenzie. He is the biological child of Greg Gisoni, the stepdad of the talented Ziegler sisters. Where is Mathew now? How rich is he? Let’s learn everything about this celebrity brother in the segment below:

Mathew Gisoni Age, Mother, and Bio

Mathew Gisoni’s age is 39 as of 2024 being born on 1 June 1985 in the United States of America. He belongs to a Caucasian ethnicity. His dad is Greg Gisoni who holds the position of Nuclear services vice president and project director at Westinghouse Energy Center. Reportedly, Mathew was born from the relationship of Greg Gisoni and his first wife. Sadly, there is no information about her.

Mathew Gisoni's dad, Greg Gisoni giving a pose with his wife, Melissa and young Maddie and Mackenzie
Mathew Gisoni’s dad, Greg Gisoni with his wife, Melissa, and daughters

Even Mathew doesn’t prefer to talk about his mother. Though not confirmed, many online closets hinted that the celebrity brother has a twin sister named Michelle Gisoni.

Holding American nationality, he spent his young days with his family members. He might have a close bond with his mom and sister. Also, he is supposed to share a close bond with his dad, stepmom, Melissa Gisoni, and stepsisters, Maddie and Mackenzie.

Mathew Gisoni Personal Life and Relationship

Maddie Ziegler’s elder brother, Mathew Gisoni barely appears on media platforms. Despite his connection to the celebrity family, he has a low-key profile and seems mostly absent from the media platforms. It’s hard to find him on social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Likewise, the American citizen hasn’t been captured with anyone who appears to be his wife or partner. He may or may not be a married man. Nor is there any hint of his love life, kids, and past relationships.

Talking about his dad’s relationship, after separation from his first wife, Greg Gisoni found his true love in Melissa Gisoni. They married in 2013. At that time, Melissa was divorced from her first husband, Kurt Ziegler with whom she had two daughters Maddie and Mackenzie.

How Rich is Mathew Gisoni? His Net Worth and Earnings

Mathew’s educational qualifications, professional training as well as a current job are under the curtain. He may have a good educational degree and doing well in his career now. Though Mathew himself has locked his mouth on his net worth and earnings, he may have above $300K and lives a quality life with his family. Another celebrity sibling, Sage Russell makes good earnings as a businessman, find out.

Being the son of a self-sufficient father, he might had a luxurious childhood. His dad, Greg Gisoni has around $2 Million. Thanks to his successful career at Westinghouse Energy Centre.

On the other hand, Maddie Ziegler a talented actress and dancer holds a net worth of around $5 Million. She bought a lavish house in Hollywood Hills worth $2.5 Million. It was made on a land of 21 acres.

Mackenzie has around $3 Million thanks to her career as a singer and actress.

Mathew Gisoni Siblings

Mathew Gisoni seems to share a close bond with his twin sister, Michelle Gisoni. Two more siblings are there in the family whose names are Ryan Ziegler and Tyler Ziegler who happens to be the half brothers of Maddie and Mackenzie.

Moving onwards, Gisoni grabbed fame as the elder stepbrother of Maddie and Mackenzie. The Ziegler sisters are famous for their early age fame as dancers. Later they made a successful career in dancing, singing, and acting. We can see their outstanding performances in the famous TV series Dance Moms.

Not only this, Maddie has collaborated with big personalities including Sia in a series of music videos. We can see her work in movies and TV shows like The FallOut, West Side Story, Fitting In, and more.

Similarly, Mackenzie has worked in The Masked Dancer, Total Eclipse, Abby’s Studio Rescue, Dancing With The Stars and more.

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