Klaus Banadinovich is a rising actor and director from Australia. However, he rose to fame as the son of Australian actor and comedian Eric Bana. Let’s know some facts about Klaus Banadinovich below:

1. Klaus Banadinovich’s Age, Birthday, and Ethnicity

Klaus Banadinovich was born in 1999 in Australia. Currently, he is at the age of 24, however, his birthday still remains under the curtain.

Klaus Banadinovich during his childhood
Klaus Banadinovich during his childhood

The Starkid belongs to the White ethnicity. Check out another celebrity son Micheal Richardson.

2. Klaus Banadinovich is a Graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts

Klaus recently completed his studies at the Victorian College of the Arts and aspires to become a filmmaker. He possesses a deep passion for cinema and intends to write and direct films in Australia, focusing on the macabre and surreal genres.

3. Klaus Banadinovich Parents and Relationship

Currently, Klaus Banadinovich seems to lead a single life. There is no data or hint about his dating life or girlfriend. While, his parents Eric Bana and Rebecca Gleeson, crossed paths in 1995 during Eric’s involvement with the television series Full Frontal.

Klaus Banadinovich's parents are still married since 1997
Klaus Banadinovich’s parents are still married since 1997
SOURCE: Instagram

Eric proposed to Rebecca while they were on a trip to the United States, a prize he received from Cleo Magazine after being crowned their “Bachelor of the Year” in 1996. The couple exchanged vows in 1997 and established their home in Melbourne, Australia. The pair is still together after 25 years of marriage.

4. Klaus Banadinovich Hobbies and Passion

The celebrity son, Banadinovich enjoys his presence in the showbiz industry. He has been interested in the entertainment world from a young age. Apart from his acting passion, he loves being a filmmaker. No doubt, the man got inspired by his father’s showbiz career. Further, he is a hardworking and talented celebrity child.

His father, Eric on the other hand is not only an avid motor racing enthusiast but also actively participates in various racing competitions held in Australia. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for Youth Off The Streets, a charitable organization founded by Father Chris Riley that supports homeless young individuals. Actor Eric is also an advocate for the Mental Illness Fellowship.

5. Klaus Banadinovich Net Worth

Klaus Banadinovich seems to have a net worth of about $100 thousand now. He has just begun his career and is in a way to add more sum under his belt with his future projects. Moreover, the actor has been living a luxurious life since his childhood. He resides with his family in a luxurious house in Melbourne.

Klaus Banadinovich with his father, Eric Bana
Klaus Banadinovich with his father, Eric Bana
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Talking about his father’s net worth, 54 years old actor, Eric Bana has a whopping net worth of around $45 Million. His major earning source is his career as an actor and comedian. Likewise, the boy’s mother, Rebecca Gleeson is an Australian publicist having an estimated net worth of around $1 Million now.

6. Social Life

Throughout their upbringing, Klaus and his younger sister, Sophia have been deliberately shielded from the public eye. Sophia expresses gratitude for this approach, stating, “I am very glad they did that because growing up would have been very different.”

Even these days, the rising actor, Klaus is less active on social media accounts. He prefers to flaunt his talent rather than his personal life. He may share a healthy bond with his family and belongings.

7. Klaus Banadinovich Movies and TV Shows

A rising Australian actor, Banadinovich started his career in 2018. He has worked as both an actor and director. His movie credits are A Great Display of Patience, Anak, and The Underpass. No doubt, the celebrity son will be seen in more projects in the upcoming days.

Klaus Banadinovich is a rising actor and director
Klaus Banadinovich is a rising actor and director
SOURCE: Google

Meanwhile, his dad, Eric Bana is a popular actor and comedian known for his work in movies like Chopper, Hulk, Troy, Munich, and The Time Traveler’s Wife, among others. You may like to read about another comedian, Ari Shaffir.

8. Klaus Banadinovich Height and looks

The Australian nationality holder, Banadinovich is a good-looking guy with a height of above 6 feet. He has a lean body with fit and healthy physics.

Further, the Starkid looks amazing in whatever fashion sense he carries. He has light brown hair with brown eyes.

9. Controversies

The Anak alum has a low-key profile and is away from controversies and unnecessary rumors. Talking about his dad, Eric Bana, a renowned actor, faced significant controversies during his career.

Australian actor cum director, Eric Bana has been a controversial artist
Australian actor cum comedian, Eric Bana has been a controversial artist
SOURCE: Instagram

One notable instance was his participation in the 2005 film Munich, directed by Steven Spielberg, which depicted Israel’s response to the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. The movie garnered controversy as some individuals tried to distort its purpose, leading to media manipulation. Bana expressed surprise at the extensive media coverage and the hidden agendas presented.

Another controversy arose with his 2001 film Black Hawk Down, which faced criticism for its alleged inaccuracies and portrayal of Somali people. Additionally, Bana faced backlash for his involvement in the 2009 film Star Trek and the 2014 horror film Deliver Us from Evil, both of which drew criticism for various reasons.

10. Sibling Sister

The young man is the elder of two siblings, with a younger sister named Sophia Banadinovich, a rising model and actress.

His sister is following in her father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in show business. Sophia is presently attending acting classes and eagerly anticipates launching her own career soon.

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