Sameha Kotb grabbed media attention as the mother of renowned broadcast journalist and author Hoda Kotb. The celebrity mother has successfully maintained a level of privacy despite her daughter’s fame and success.

But don’t worry, here we have disclosed several facts about Sameha Kotb in this article. Scroll down and explore everything about the celebrity mother.

Early Life and Family Background

Sameha Kotb and her husband, Abdel Kader Kotb, originally hailed from Egypt. They later decided to move to the United States, in search of new opportunities and a better life for their family.

Sameha Kotb with her daughter, Hoda Kotb
Sameha Kotb with her daughter, Hoda Kotb

It was in Norman, Oklahoma, where Sameha gave birth to their daughter Hoda Kotb, who would go on to achieve remarkable success in her broadcasting and writing career. Hoda was raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, under the loving care of her parents.

Sameha Kotb Marriage and Children

Sameha and Abdel Kader Kotb shared a marital bond and were blessed with three children: Hoda, Adel, and Hala Kotb. The Kotb family cherished many moments of love and happiness, building a close-knit family unit. Besides her husband, the lady may or may not have been in the relationship. See another celebrity mother, Janet Knipfing.

Tragic Loss and Obituary

In 1986, tragedy struck the Kotb family when Sameha’s husband, Abdel Kader Kotb, passed away at the young age of 51. The loss of her beloved husband was undoubtedly a challenging time for Sameha and her children.

However, she stepped up as a pillar of strength, offering unwavering support and love to her children during this difficult period.

Sameha Kotb Wiki/Age and Nationality

As of now, Sameha Kotb is in her late 70s, having experienced a life filled with various milestones and challenges. Holding an American nationality, she comes from an Egyptian Muslim heritage.

Sameha Kotb with her family
Sameha Kotb with her family
SOURCE: Instagram

Reportedly, the lady lived her early life in Egypt and Nigeria, however, her birthplace is unclear. She might have been born and raised in Egypt.

Parents and Education

Unfortunately, we have little knowledge about Sameha Kotb’s parents, siblings, or educational background, as her early life remains shrouded in mystery.

Sameha Kotb Career

Unfortunately, specific details about Sameha Kotb’s current career remain undisclosed. It appears she is focused more on her family, providing a nurturing environment for her children, especially after the passing of her husband.

Sameha Kotb with her grandchildren
Sameha Kotb with her grandchildren

Previously, the celebrity mother worked in the Library of Congress. Besides this, there is no data on her other professional endeavors. You may like to read about philanthropists cum businesswoman, Arnetta Yardbourgh.

Sameha Kotb’s Net Worth

While information about Sameha Kotb’s personal net worth is not publicly available, she seems to be in a comfortable financial position, supported by her daughter Hoda.

Meanwhile, Hoda Kotb, the accomplished journalist and author, has amassed considerable success with an estimated net worth of $35 Million now. She had around $30 million as of 2021.

Her Daughter, Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb, a beloved TV personality, is known for exuding warmth, authenticity, and an infectious smile. As NBC’s “TODAY” show co-anchor, she has touched the hearts of millions with her genuine and relatable approach to journalism. Her impressive career spans decades, marked by remarkable achievements and heartfelt connections with her audience.

Sameha Kotb's daughter, Hoda Kotb is a popular journalist cum tv personality
Sameha Kotb’s daughter, Hoda Kotb is a popular journalist cum tv personality

Engaging and uplifting viewers, Hoda has earned numerous accolades and holds a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide. On-screen, her presence radiates positivity, making her one of television’s most cherished and admired figures.

Sameha Kotb Now

Sameha currently resides in the United States, leading a private life, away from the public eye. Despite being a celebrity family member, she has a low-key profile.

About 5 feet 4 inches tall celebrity mother has brown eyes and brown hair. She has a healthy look however, appears fit and fine. Even in her old age, there is no data on her health issues.

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Unlike her famous daughter, Sameha Kotb has chosen not to maintain any social media presence. She prefers to keep her personal life and experiences private, avoiding the spotlight that often accompanies celebrity status. However, she frequently appears on her daughter’s Instagram account. Looking at her social media presence, we can say that the lady shares a close bond with her children and grandchildren.

Sameha Kotb’s life remains somewhat mysterious, with limited details available about her upbringing, education, and career. As the devoted mother of Hoda Kotb, she has navigated life’s challenges with grace and continues to be a source of support and love for her children. While she values her privacy and stays away from social media, her influence as a loving and caring mother is undoubtedly cherished by her family.

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