Shawn Simmons has garnered recognition as the son of the late American rapper DMX and his former spouse, Tashera Simmons. Though his dad left the world, the boy is making his family proud with his rising career.

Do you know what Shawn is doing these days? Is he dating anyone? You will get all the answers to these queries related to the Starkid, Shawn. So keep scrolling down:

Shawn Simmons Wiki/Bio, Age, and Birth Details

Born in the United States, Shawn Simmons reached the age of 21 now, celebrating his birthday every June 10. His birth year dates back to 2002, marking his entrance into the world.

Shawn Simmons during his childhood days
Shawn Simmons during his childhood days

Likewise, the young man holds an American nationality being born in the United States, and belongs to mixed ethnicity of African-American descent. See another celebrity son, Ben Young.

Who Are His Parents?

Shawn’s father, a multifaceted artist, encompassed roles as an American rapper, songwriter, and actor. His mother, Tashera Simmons, delves into the world of podcasting with her show “Freedom of Truth,” where she and guests share inspiring life narratives.

The connection between Shawn’s parents sprouted from their childhood friendship, culminating in their marriage in 1998. Their matrimonial bond extended for 11 years until 2010, a period that ultimately led to their separation and subsequent divorce in 2014.

Siblings’ Circle

Within his family dynamics, Shawn finds himself amidst three biological siblings and an extended step-sibling group of 11. The trio of biological siblings includes Praise Mary Ella Simmons, Tacoma Simmons, and Xavier Simmons.

Shawn Simmons with his father, DMX, and elder brothers
Shawn Simmons with his father, DMX, and elder brothers

Expanding the circle, his half-siblings encompass names such as Sasha, Sonovah Junior, Aaliyah, Exodus, Aidyn, K’ydn, Jada Oden, Michelle Walton, Javon Wayne, Z’riyah, and Emmanuel. Besides this, check out Mireddys Gonzalez, a family member of a popular rapper.

Father’s Legacy

Tragedy struck with the passing of DMX, Shawn’s father, on April 9, 2021, at the age of 50. The sequence of events initiated with his hospitalization in White Plains, New York, on April 2, 2021, triggered by a heart attack possibly related to an overdose.

His departure was confirmed on the morning of April 9, 2021, as conveyed through a family statement.

Shawn Simmons’s Current Life

At 21 years of age, Shawn Simmons steps into his father’s path. He is a part of several shows and photoshoot projects alongside his family. His mother’s Instagram post describes him as an exceptional young man, capturing pride in his selflessness, kind nature, and devotion to family.

Good-Looking Shawn Simmons flaunting his looks
Good-Looking Shawn Simmons flaunting his looks

Though there is no detailed information, the celebrity son might be a university student now. He may have graduated from a high school in his hometown.

Dating Life and Girlfriend

Shawn’s romantic status remains undisclosed, devoid of any hints concerning a girlfriend or partner. Till now, there is no data concerning his romantic affairs. Also, there is no hint of his past relationships.

Besides, the boy shares a close bond with his family and belongings. Being the youngest son of the family, he enjoys his familial bond.

Late Rapper, DMX Had a Complex Life

Stepping back to DMX, Shawn’s father, whose birth name was Earl Simmons, emerged as a significant American rapper and actor renowned for his intense rap style. His personal journey was marked by turbulence, particularly in the realm of relationships. Born around 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland, or Mount Vernon, New York, DMX navigated a tumultuous relationship with his father, Joe Barker, who remained largely absent during his upbringing. Additionally, the rapper’s interactions with women added another layer of complexity, resulting in the fathering of fifteen children through relationships with nine distinct partners.

Shawn Simmons‘s mother, Tashera Simmons

Notable among DMX’s partnerships was his enduring bond with Tashera Simmons, leading to their marriage in 1999. This union brought forth four children and endured for eleven years before the couple’s separation in 2010. Subsequently, DMX engaged in a relationship with model Yadira Borrego, culminating in the birth of a daughter. A connection with singer Monique Wayne led to the birth of a son.

DMX’s romantic history extended to prominent figures, such as a brief association with singer Aaliyah in the early 2000s and a romantic link with actress Taraji P. Henson during the late 2000s.

Enduring Legacy

Amidst life’s turbulence, DMX’s loyalty to family and close companions remained unwavering. He showcased his commitment as a father to his fifteen children and maintained steadfast friendships within the hip-hop community. The profound impact of DMX on the realm of hip-hop lives on through his music and enduring relationships with those he held dear.

How Rich is Shawn Simmons Now? His Net Worth

Living within the embrace of his family, Shawn, the celebrity offspring, enjoys the privileges of affluence. With a burgeoning career, he stands poised to accrue a substantial income. Meanwhile, Tashera Simmons, his mother, embarked on the journey of reality television and writing post her separation from DMX. Her estimated net worth hovers around $500 thousand.

Shawn Simmons with his mother and siblings
Shawn Simmons with his mother and siblings

In stark contrast, DMX’s renown as both a rapper and actor propelled him to notable recognition within the music landscape, marked by his multi-platinum albums and substantial cinematic roles. Despite financial fluctuations due to legal entanglements and financial challenges, the peak of his career potentially elevated his net worth to several million dollars.

Nevertheless, a convergence of legal complexities and financial obligations exerted pressure on his earnings, culminating in a financially intricate scenario. It’s pivotal to highlight that DMX’s financial circumstances reportedly turned negative, entailing an approximate debt of $1 million at the time of his passing.

Social Presence and Height

Shawn Simmons frequently emerges on media platforms alongside his family members. He boasts a stature of around 5 feet 9 inches, complemented by a moderate weight.

Though the man often appears on his mother’s Instagram account, he has kept his official account private.

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