Sarah Menikides is a remarkable woman whose life has been adorned with diverse talents and captivating experiences. Although most recognized as the wife of renowned musician Zak Starkey, she has also carved out a successful path of her own. In this article, we delve into Sarah Menikides’ biography, her career journey, and her present-day life. So stay with us!

Sarah Menikides’ Early Days and Background

Born in London, England, Sarah Menikides’ exact birth date remains unknown. She might be in her fifties now. Mantiang a low-key profile, the English nationality holder is yet to go public with the details of her birthday, parents, siblings, and early life.

Sarah Menikides with her ex-husband, Zak Starkey during their young days
Sarah Menikides with her ex-husband, Zak Starkey during their young days

Growing up in a nurturing environment, the lady is the daughter of a professional hairdresser, mother, and father, Bunty Menikides. Her educational journey led her to attend Highgate School in London until 1981.

A Journey Through Career

Sarah Menikides embarked on her career as a secretary for an estate agent named Chancellor. Subsequently, she transitioned into the role of a rehab counselor, although the specifics of her profession remain undisclosed. Also, there is no hint of her professional training and skills. Please don’t miss the article on Jillie Mach.

Are Sarah Menikides and Zak Starkey Still Together? Inside their Married Life and Children

In 1982, Sarah Menikides crossed paths with Zak Starkey, then sixteen years old. Their relationship remained a well-kept secret, culminating in an intimate wedding ceremony in 1985. The wedding, attended by only three witnesses, notably excluded Ringo Starr, Zak’s father, to evade media attention.

Sarah Menikides with her ex-husband, Zak Starkey and her in-laws at their young age
Sarah Menikides with her ex-husband, Zak Starkey, and her in-laws at a young age

The union between Sarah and Zak brought forth a daughter named Tatia Jayne Starkey in 1985. Following in her father’s footsteps, Tatia embarked on a musical journey of her own and now serves as the bassist and vocalist for her band, Belakiss.

However, their relationship took a turn, leading to separation in 2006. After being separated for many years, their divorce was finalized in the year 2021. Despite this, Sarah and Zak maintain a close friendship, and Sarah plays a pivotal role in facilitating Zak’s reconciliation with his father, Ringo Starr, a legendary musician. See another celebrity ex-wife, Dina Gioeli.

Current Relationship Status

Talking about her current relationship status, the celebrity ex-wife, Sarah seems to lead a single life now. She lives a private life and is away from social media platforms too. Also, the mother of one is less exposed to controversy and unnecessary rumors.

Sarah Menikides' ex-husband, Zak Starkey in his wedding with Sharna Liguz
Sarah Menikides’ ex-husband, Zak Starkey in his wedding with Sharna Liguz

Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Zak is happily married to his long-time partner turned-wife, Sharna Liguz, an Australian singer and artist. The duo were in a romantic relationship for about 18 years before their marriage in 2022. Also, they have a daughter named Luna Lee Lightnin.

Blessed with Grandparenthood

Sarah Menikides cherishes another significant role as the proud grandmother of Stone Zakomo Low, Tatia Starkey’s son. Stone, an endearing young boy, exhibits a penchant for staying behind the camera.

Where is Sarah Menikides Now? Her Current Life

Currently, Sarah Menikides shows her expertise as a rehab counselor, channeling her energies into aiding others. While she shies away from the limelight, her current endeavors remain somewhat veiled. We can only hope that the lady continues to bask in a serene and joy-filled existence.

Sarah Menikides' daughter, Tatia Starkey is also a musician
Sarah Menikides’ daughter, Tatia Starkey is also a musician

Likewise, Menikides’ life is a testament to multifaceted accomplishments and meaningful relationships. Her journey, interwoven with music, family, and unwavering support, paints a picture of a woman who navigates life’s twists and turns with grace and strength.

About 5 feet 7 inches tall lady is alive and seems to have sound health now as there is no data covering her bad health condition. Besides, she used to have an attractive personality with brown curly hair and brown eyes in her young days, sadly, she fails to share her present glimpses on social media accounts.

What is Sarah Menikides’s Net Worth? Her Earnings and Fortune?

The British citizen, Sarah might have a net worth of above $2 Million now. Her major earning source is her involvement as a rehab counselor. Besides, the lady may have received a huge amount from her ex-husband, Zak as divorce alimony and child support money. She may have a quality life.

Sarah Menikides ex-spouse, Zak Starkey is a multi-millionaire artist
Sarah Menikides’s ex-spouse, Zak Starkey is a multi-millionaire artist

On the other hand, Zak, a veteran drummer has a net worth of around $20 Million. He made such a whopping fortune from his successful music career, live shows, tours, and more. The 57-year-old drummer is a part of the rock band named the Who since 1996. Also, he earned good profits from his association with bands like The Lightning Seeds, The Healers, ASAP, and more.

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