Alison Berns, a name once associated with acting and media, has seamlessly transitioned into a role where empathy and understanding take center stage. Known for her acting roles and marriage to radio personality Howard Stern, she now finds her calling as a psychotherapist, offering guidance to those in need.

Let’s delve into her journey of transformations and achievements.

Alison Berns Wiki, Bio, Early Life and Education

Alison Berns: Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Alison Berns
  • Birth Date: May 26, 1954
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouses: Howard Stern (Divorced), David Scott Simon
  • Professions: Former Actress, Psychotherapist
  • Net Worth: $50 Million

Born on May 26, 1954, in Newton, Massachusetts, the United States of America, Alison Berns is currently at the age of 69. She is an American by nationality who comes from a white ethnicity. Likewise, the lady laid her educational foundation at different schools like John Ward Elementary School, Bigelow Middle School, and Newton North High School.

Alison Berns is popular as the first wife of radio personality, Howard Stern
Alison Berns is popular as the first wife of radio personality, Howard Stern

Graduating in 1972, Alison began her higher education at Boston University, earning a degree in Liberal Arts in 1976. Her pursuit of knowledge made her join Columbia University, where she acquired a Master’s degree in Social Work in 1978.

Sadly, Berns has yet to reveal her mother, father, and siblings. She may have spent her young days with her family in her hometown.

Personal Life: Marriages and Children

Berns’ personal life took a significant turn when she married Howard Stern in 1978. Reportedly, the duo met for the first time in their university days by a mutual friend. Also, the TV personality, Howard Stern once revealed that he was highly attracted towards Alsion and knew that he would marry her one day.

Alison Berns with ex-husband, Howard Stern when they were young
Alison Berns with ex-husband, Howard Stern when they were young

Their union brought forth three children: Emily Beth (1983), Debra Jennifer (1986), and Ashley Jade (1993). The couple, however, encountered a crossroads that led to a separation in 1999, culminating in their divorce in 2001 after 21 years of marriage.

Subsequently, Berns found love again, tying the knot with businessman David Scott Simon in 2001. Simon is also an American columnist and the host of Weekend Edition Saturday on NPR. Although their life together has been discreet, Berns’ journey remains one of growth and renewal. The married pair is still together however has kept a low-key profile.

Talking about Howard, the tv personality is now married to a model cum actress Beth Stern. They married in 2008 after dating for many years. The pair is still together however they don’t share a biological child together.

Career and Progression

Berns’ entry into the entertainment realm was marked by collaborations with Howard Stern, particularly during their college years. Their partnership materialized in a student film centered around Transcendental Meditation. Her acting endeavors included a portrayal in the 1987 TV movie named “U.S. Open Sores” and a more notable appearance in the 1997 comedy/drama named “Private Parts.” Additionally, the former actress graced three episodes of “The Howard Stern Show,” showcasing her versatile presence.

Alison Berns' ex-husband, Howard Stern is a famous tv personality
Alison Berns’ ex-husband, Howard Stern is a famous TV personality

Parallelly, Berns exhibited a commitment to social work, an interest she cultivated from her college days. Holding a license as a Clinical Social Worker, she embarked on a path of compassion and support. Currently, the celebrity ex-wife is focused on her social work and is no longer involved in acting. Besides that, another celebrity ex-wife, Darlene Spezzi also has a successful career.

Net Worth in Millions

The American citizen, Alison Berns Simon has a net worth of around $50 Million as per the reports. She made a good income as a former actress. Also, the lady is earning a decent salary from her career as a psychotherapist.

No doubt, Alison is living a lavish life with her multi-million properties. Her husband, David seems to have above $1.5 Million. Additionally, the social worker may have received a hefty amount from Howard Stern during their divorce settlement.

Ex-husband, Howard Stern has a whopping $650 Million

At the pinnacle of the entertainment industry stands Howard Stern, a titan of success and wealth. His financial prowess is awe-inspiring, with an estimated net worth exceeding $650 million, accompanied by a staggering annual income of approximately $120 million. Beyond his financial conquests, Stern’s property portfolio includes a lavish Manhattan penthouse complex valued at over $20 million and an opulent oceanfront Palm Beach mansion that commands nearly $60 million.

Alison Berns’ ex-husband, Howard Stern revealed his home studio

Stern’s multifaceted empire doesn’t solely rest on his renowned radio show. He’s ventured into diverse avenues, reaping profits from literary pursuits, his tenure on “America’s Got Talent,” and other endeavors that augment his financial standing. His resonance as a household name is underpinned by “The Howard Stern Show,” which has etched its mark into cultural consciousness. Notably, his autobiography, “Howard Stern: Private Parts,” emerged as a runaway bestseller, solidifying his status as an icon beyond the airwaves.

Where is Alsion Bern Now?

Howard Sterns’ ex-wife, Alsion Bern is currently busy with her career as a social worker and psychotherapist. She is also equally busy with her family life spending quality time with her husband, David. She also has a close bond with her daughters. Just like Howard and Beth, this couple also doesn’t have their biological child.

Alison Berns with her current husband, David
Alison Berns with her current husband, David Simon

From her days in the limelight as an actress and the wife of a renowned radio personality to her transformation into a dedicated psychotherapist, Alison Berns has exhibited resilience and an unwavering commitment to her chosen paths. Her life journey serves as a testament to the power of embracing change and pursuing one’s true calling. See another social worker, Tindyebwa Agaba Wise.

Social life and Controversy

Alsion has kept her Instagram account private which makes her personal life away from media interruption. However, she is leading a happy life with her current husband and family.

There is no news covering her bad relationship with anyone. Apart from her separation from Howard Stern, there are no other controversies relating to this lady. Howard once revealed during an interview, that his passion for work and busy schedule is the reason for their divorce.

Height and Looks

The celebrity ex-spouse, Alsion is about 5 feet 6 inches and has a moderate weight. She still has a fit and attractive look even in her late sixties.

Further, the lady looks amazing in her blue eyes and brown curly hair. She looks much younger than her age. In addition, Alsion used to steal the limelight with her looks and charming personality in her young days when she used to pose for the paparazzi with her ex-husband, Howard.

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