Taj Monroe Tallarico, born in 1991, is anything but an ordinary individual. Although he is primarily recognized as the son of the iconic Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, Taj’s journey in the realm of entertainment has extended well beyond the boundaries of his father’s illustrious career.

Demonstrating a diverse skill set that encompasses acting, music, and entrepreneurship, Taj has not only showcased his versatility as an artist but has also established himself as a resolute and independent presence within the industry. In this exploration, we delve into the life and achievements of Taj Monroe Tallarico, a rising talent who is diligently forging his own path to success.

Taj Monroe Tallarico is 32 Years Old Now

Taj Monroe Tallarico, born in 1991, is an American artist known for his work in the music industry. However, he didn’t just ride on the coattails of his famous father, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Taj is a multi-talented individual who has ventured into various aspects of entertainment.

Taj Monroe Tallarico during his young days
Taj Monroe Tallarico during his young days

Currently, Taj’s age is 32 years old, and is an American by nationality. He celebrates his birthday on 31 January and spent his early days in the United States of America. Likewise, the man belongs to a mixed ethnicity of Italian, German, Polish, African, and American descent.

Parents Are No More Together

Taj’s parents, Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler’s relationship commenced in 1988 when they were introduced by Teresa’s sister, Lisa Barrick. At that time, Tyler was still in a marriage with his first wife, Cyrinda Foxe. However, as fate would have it, Tyler and Barrick’s connection grew, leading to the dissolution of Tyler’s first marriage.

In the following year, Tyler and Barrick tied the knot in Oklahoma, embarking on a new chapter together. Their union brought forth two children, Chelsea Anna Tallarico and Taj Monroe Tallarico, before they decided to part ways in 2005, concluding a 17-year-long marriage.

Taj Monroe Tallarico's parents, Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick are no more together
Taj Monroe Tallarico’s parents, Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick are no more together

During their relationship, Tyler expressed his feelings through music, composing two songs that held significant meaning related to Barrick. “Push Comes to Shove” stemmed from his desire for intimacy with both Barrick and her twin sister, while “Hole in My Soul” poignantly captured the heartache and emotions surrounding the end of their marriage. As time passed, rumors of infidelity emerged from both sides, further complicating their relationship. Eventually, in 2006, the couple officially divorced.

Today, Teresa Barrick has transitioned into the role of a grandmother, while Steven Tyler remains a legendary musician, leaving behind a legacy in the world of music.

Career in the Showbiz World: Movies and TV Shows

Before his music career took center stage, Taj made a name for himself as a former Disney star. He graced screens in various Disney productions and even appeared in the popular children’s comedy sitcom, “Lizzie McGuire.”

Taj Monroe Tallarico with his father, Steven Tyler during an event
Taj Monroe Tallarico with his father, Steven Tyler during an event

Over the years, he transitioned from acting to pursuing a career in music, and today, he is recognized as a singer, small business owner, and record producer. He is making a good mark in the music industry though he was not able to make a big name in acting.

Height and Looks

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches with brown hair, Taj bears a striking resemblance to his rockstar father. However, his fuller face sets him apart, making him easily distinguishable.

He is also slightly shorter, standing three inches shorter than his iconic dad. Likewise, the artist looks dashing in his light brown hair and brown eyes. Don’t Miss facts about actress cum podcast host, Jenicka Lopez.

Is Taj Monroe Tallarico Dating Anyone? His Girlfriend or Wife?

Talking about his personal life, the celebrity son, Taj found love with Brittany Reardon. The pair met each other first time when Brittany was pursuing a degree in Business Management at Bentley University in the year 2016.

Taj Monroe Tallarico with his wife, Brittany Reardon
Taj Monroe Tallarico with his wife, Brittany Reardon

Likewise, Steven Tyler’s only son, Taj married his girlfriend-turned-wife, Brittany on 27 October 2018. The married pair has a strong bond together, however, they haven’t shared a child together. Also, there is no hint of Taj’s past relationships, dating history, and children.

Bond with Siblings

The Starkid, Taj is not an only child; he has three siblings who are part of the Tyler family. Chelsea Tyler and Taj are full siblings, sharing the same parents. Liv Tyler and Mia Tyler are his half-sisters, with Liv being the daughter of Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell, and Mia being born during Steven’s marriage to Cyrinda Foxe.

While the specifics of Taj’s relationship with his siblings are not widely known, there are numerous photographs showcasing the Tyler family’s joyous moments, often joined by their rockstar dad.

Social Media Presence

Despite being a celebrity family member, Taj lives a low-key profile. He doesn’t have an active presence on any social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter. Also, the former actor prefers to stay away from rumors and controversies.

Today, the music producer, Taj Monroe is busy with his professional career and is enjoying his family life too. He doesn’t believe in revealing his personal and professional details on any platform keeping his Instagram handle private.

Taj Monroe Tallarico with his father, Steven Tyler during his live show
Taj Monroe Tallarico with his father, Steven Tyler during his live show

One striking aspect of Taj’s life is his close relationship with his dad, Steven Tyler. The father-son duo is frequently seen enjoying each other’s company on red carpets, at parties, or simply hanging out with Steven’s fellow rockstar friends.

Is Taj Monroe Tallarico a Millionaire? Check Out His Net Worth

Despite his father’s substantial net worth of $160 million, Taj has diligently worked to carve out his place in the music industry and has achieved a commendable net worth of $1 million. He has been living a luxurious life since his childhood as a celebrity child. Another music producer, Nokio the N-Tity has around $5 Million.

Talking about his mother, Teresa Barrick is a fashion designer and holds a net worth of around $800 thousand as per the reports.

Not only that, Taj Monroe Tallarico is undoubtedly a rising star in his own right, making his mark in the world of entertainment beyond the shadow of his legendary father.

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